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Nothing signals the onset of fall more than the radio playing ads for haunted houses claiming that they will scare your pants off and make you cry like a newborn baby. For most people the pants stay on, but they do leave the park constantly looking over their shoulder and shaking from fear.

The Erie area has a lot to offer in the field of haunted attractions from just a simple haunted house to lengthy corn mazes and multi-level fear parks. One of these is located at Conneaut Lake Park, which is just a short drive away from campus. Get in the car and take the half-hour drive to mentally prepare yourself for the most horrific night of your life.

Ghost Lake Park offers 9 levels of terror inducing tours, including one of the most notably haunted buildings in America, the Hotel Conneaut. The other 8 levels offer dark mazes, fog filled nightmares, and lively scenes out of your favorite horror movies. Wrap up the 9th level with the scariest coaster ride of your life on the locally famous Blue Streak Coaster.

The park is crawling with creatures that are destined to scare even the most skeptical person, including clowns, men with chainsaws, ghosts and zombies. And let’s not forget the creepy children beckoning from the other end of the hallway.

The fun is hard to pass up at an affordable price that even a college student could manage. The park operates Friday through Saturday from 7 p.m to midnight and Sundays from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m through October 31. Don’t miss this ultimate fright fest and check it out while you still have time!

Conneuat Lake Park isn’t the only amusement that Erie has to offer. Our Summer Fun Days piece offers 10 different attractions within close distance to campus.