Whether you are working from home, a full-time student or just have an area in your room or house that has been given the name “office space’’ I have some tips on how to keep it organized as well as asthetically pleasing to you. First off, if you are working from home, a desk as well as the space your desk is in, typically is quite important. It is important to keep it well organized that way you do not lose any important documents or files. Now I know exactly what you might be thinking, it’s a desk space, it’s bound to get messy over time and will end up not looking how it was imagined, which from experience can be true. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to be organized and how hard you try to make your desk look like the ultimate Pinterest board it never turns out quite right. For whatever reason you always end up with post-it notes stuck everywhere, push pins on your seat and string lights hanging from all the wrong angles. Hopefully by using some, if not all of these tricks, you can easily keep your space looking top notch all the time!  


Start Out With A Color Scheme:

  One of the very first things you should do when it comes to decorating just about anything is coming up with a good color scheme that is appealing to you. Starting out with your favorite color and then adding a few splashes of something else is a great way to get started. Find one or two colors that correspond well with the main color you have chosen. For example, personally I really love white office spaces with a few hints of black, gray and even light pink.



Keep Your Space Minimal:

Having your space organized is a very important key to having a great office. When you are hard at work the last thing you want to do is be distracted by everything on your desk. If you keep what you have on your desk to a minimum this will eliminate all of those distractions and you will be able to keep your focus. If you happen to have a larger desk this also allows you to have more room to spread out all of your work neatly without it being stacked on top of everything.



Create A Vision Board:

Having a vision board above your desk is a little piece of decor that really does a lot. You can put up anything that inspires you or motivates you to get your work done, because I feel that mindset is everything and I feel it really will transform your workspace. You can tweak this however you want and update it as frequent as you want just so it is consistent with the sort of goals you maybe want to achieve throughout that month or even the whole year. All you need is a cork-board or something similar that you like, some clothespins or push pins and also some pictures,inspirational quotes or anything that will get you motivated.



Add Some Fresh Flowers:

I always think that having some fresh flowers on your desk simply just brings life into your workspace. I love the smell of fresh roses especially, and when they are on my desk the scent really wakes me up and boosts my confidence for the day. However, if I do not happen to have fresh flowers on my desk I always have my Bath and Body Works candle in “Fresh Roses” because it smells as if I have them sitting right in front of me.



Organize Accordingly:

When it comes to your desk space, organizing it is all about making sure that your workspace works for you. Not only do you want to get your work done, but you want your space to help you get your work done too. One thing that I have found is that storage boxes are just that, they are there to store your things. You actually do have to sort through them regularly and clean them out. They are really only there to keep your belongings stored, but they will not fully keep everything you have in there organized. It is important that you actually go through all your belongings, sort through them and throw things out or donate the things you won’t be using.



Those were my practical tips for how to set up your ideal and dream study space. Using a few of these tips will definitely give you a head start on creating an awesome space, and maybe you can even expand upon these and build the ultimate at home office!