There comes a point in your life where you have to stop relying on your parents for every little thing and need to step out on your own and start becoming an adult. Turning eighteen has a few different aspects that come along with it, almost like a package deal. You have the opportunity to move out of your childhood home and experience the real world by living out on your own and are able to purchase your very own place. Or if you are not fully ready to take that step so quickly, you do have the opportunity to start college. You can move into a dorm and get a little insight about what it would be like to live on your own, only this way it is for a shorter period of time. Whether you have reached this stage or not quite yet, here are a few helpful tips for what turning eighteen is all about.


Budget Your Money:

When you’re young it is very easy to sometimes overspend and not even realize that you are doing it. Plenty of people are guilty of this and myself included. An easy way to organize your money is by making an Excel sheet online. This will keep track of what exactly you’re spending and simply how to budget everything. Categorizing the areas you spend money on is a very helpful tip, such as your utilities, personal maintenance, living expenses, groceries and so on.


Meal Prep:

Meal prepping is probably one of the most useful things when it comes to living on your own. It is very helpful when you have a busy schedule and not much time to cook during the day and when you do not want to spend money going out to eat. This is also a really great way to keep track of what you’re eating and make sure what you’re consuming is healthy. You can meal prep your lunches for the week, your breakfast in the mornings and every other meal you eat. Going on Pinterest and looking up different recipes that you want to make and that interest you is a fun and easy way to get new ideas. All it takes is an hour or so out of your day to write everything down including the ingredients you need to make and this will save so much more time throughout the week.


Take One Day Each Week To Get Reorganized:

Pick one day out of your week to get everything in order and to prep everything for the upcoming week and to also refresh, relax and reboot for the week ahead. In my opinion, Sunday’s are the best days to get everything in check and make sure you are good and ready to go for the week. Throughout this day is a good idea to get every task done that you have planned. Such as doing laundry, cleaning up, meal prepping and planning out your schedule.


Developing A Planning System:

If you don’t already, using a planner or a calendar is my number one tip for organizing anything. You can use a digital copy, a physical copy, basically whichever way is best for you to keep yourself on top of every task you have. Using calendars or planners is a great way to see what you have going on in your life and keeping track of dates and different events you have going on throughout the week and the whole month.


Making A To-Do List:

Along with the planning system, a to-do list is another way to keep yourself organized. To-do lists focus more on the little tasks you need to get done daily or even weekly. Physical copies of to-do lists are more helpful for me and just what I prefer over digital copies because they simply just work the best for me.


Dealing With Procrastination:

Most of the time we know when we start to fall down the path of procrastination and finding every excuse in the book to avoid getting something done. Taking action is the best way to beat your procrastination because action leads to motivation. Often we procrastinate things that are important because we are afraid of failure. It is best to try your best instead of striving for perfection.


There are many different mechanisms for keeping yourself organized. Different tricks will work for different people, and finding the best one for you will truly be useful in your everyday life. But there is also no problem with going out of your comfort zone and trying a new way to keep yourself organized!