Fall break just ended. Classes are back in session, and you want more than anything to be done with the semester. You want to be in a pumpkin patch taking in all that the autumn season has to offer. If this sounds like you, I have good news! About 30 minutes from campus is a little place called Port Farms.

Each year, Port Farms hosts a Fall Fest that runs from mid-September until the end of October. They have more than 20 different activities, so you’re sure to find something to enjoy. The fest has three different mazes, hayrides, crafting, and a pumpkin patch, of course! It’s the perfect way to spend a Friday evening. On Friday nights, Port farms recognizes college students and gives a 25% discount on the admission price. But don’t worry if your Friday is booked, weekday admission is only $8, and the rest of the weekend is still only $12 for admission.



As a commuter, I have had the opportunity to visit Port Farms many times. As a kid, I remember stuffing my shirt with corn kernels in the Corn Box every year. Now that I’ve grown up, I still love visiting Port Farms with my friends for all the fun festivities they offer.


During my visit this year, my favorite attraction was the live animals. The farm has a fenced-in area with many goats and chickens roaming around. As an animal lover, I was very excited by this. There is even grain available so that you can feed the goats straight from your hands!

I also enjoyed the mazes that Port Farms offers. There are three different corn mazes, and two other smaller mazes for kids. The corn maze is not any easy one, though. I walked myself in circles for twenty minutes before I found the path to the exit.

There is a maze of scarecrows where kids can roam around looking at the different straw men. There is also a fun Cattle Chute Maze that is perfect for little ones to run around in.


With tons of activities, Port Farms is the perfect place for people of any age to have fun. There is a gift shop with many items for sale, including pumpkins. That way, you don’t have to stop all the fall fun. You can take some pumpkins home and start carving them just in time for Halloween!



Whatever it is you love about fall, Port Farms is sure to have it. So, gather your friends and explore the Fall Fest before it’s over.