Hola From L’Arche!

My name is Lily Baldi and I am one of the participants this year on the L’Arche Mexico trip, and I will be telling you all about our second day in Mexico!

It was another great day! We started the day with breakfast with the Core members of L’Arche. For breakfast there were many different options. Mexican toast, donuts, an assortment of fruits, as well as gelatin flan and cherry jello. When breakfast was finished some of our group members helped with dishes while the others got ready for the day. We began to gather in the outside area and I decided to sit in the shade next to the house. I opened a my Spanish notebook from class and a core member, Moi, came and sat down next to me. He asked if I had a pluma (pen) at first I handed him a pencil and again he asked for a pen, I didn’t have one so I handed him a marker and he just shook his head and did a facepalm but he went with it. He wrote down his name and began to write different numbers and words and then asked me to do the same. After awhile and a lot of new words it was time for the group to head out. We went to go visit El Cerrito, a pyramid in Querétaro. On the way we stopped at different venues and small shops. Before heading go the pyramid we all decided it would be best to get some lunch. Our group stopped for tacos and quesadillas which were super scrumptious! We ordered an assortment of different meats, chorizo, pork, lamb, and beef. They also gave us onions, jalapeños, and even some cactus!

Once our tummies were full and content we headed to the pyramid and it was breathtakingly beautiful. We took pictures, walked around, and just took in the views. All of us decided that after the long walk that we would take an Uber back to the house. The core members were eating some dinner when we arrived but since we had just eaten we decided to rest for a bit. After resting we all met outside to do reflection a bit early. Todays reflection talked about the value of silence and how to communicate even when there aren’t any words. It was a very meaningful reflection and it helped us reflect on what our purpose is on the trip. By the end of reflection we were all very hungry so we gathered at the table and ate some spaghetti which was a great way to fill the tummy. When we all had full bellies we spent some time with the core members and to finish off the night we got an amazing performance from Moi dancing to Michael Jackson and then all of the core members and our group all got up to dance. What a way to end the night! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Hasta manaña!

Piramide El Cerrito