Tuba City, Arizona – Today marked the first day of our journey to learn and discover the beautiful culture of the Navajo Nation! Venturing to the Little Colorado River Gorge and the Grand Canyon, we learned of the significant spiritual importance of this sacred location to the Navajo. To the Navajo, the point of confluence between the Little Colorado River and the Colorado River is said to be the entrance point of their culture into this world. The Grand Canyon provided some of the most breathtaking views this land has to offer. We visited various overlooks, and with guidance from wonderful locals, were able to hike the Grand Canyon at elevations of 7000+ feet. While we were barely able to scratch the surface of what beauty is to be explored, this most certainly ignited deep desire to return for more breathtaking exposure to this world marvel. Like the beautiful and astonishing layers of the Grand Canyon, we have been provided opportunity to experience, first-hand, the deeply-rooted cultural layers of the Navajo people and of ourselves