As summer approaches and temperatures rise, there’s no better way to cool off than with ice cream. Here are some local favorites to get your sweet tooth fix:

Coldstone Creamery, 209 E 12th St. Coldstone is named as such for the ice-cold piece of granite on which they create your treat! Pick an ice cream, add in some candy or fresh treats, watch them scoop and mash it all together and then enjoy.

Rita’s Italian Ice, 1406 W Gore Rd. Rita’s is best known for their many flavors of Italian ice, but also has unique desserts like their cream ice, Misto, Blendini, Gelati, and just plain frozen custard. Many Erie residents flock to Rita’s on the first day of spring, when Rita’s gives out free Italian ice, but they’re open throughout the summer to enjoy!

Sara’s Diner, 25 Peninsula Dr.- This local landmark is a frequent competitor in our Ultimate Fave’s competition and for good reason. Besides great, made-to-order food and being neighbor to beautiful Presque Isle, its delicious and unique flavors of ice cream, like orange and peanut butter, bring in visitors all summer long.

Ye Ole Sweet Shoppe, 402 State St.- Best known for their cookies, brownies and other baked goods, Ye Ole Sweet Shoppe also serves ice cream all year round. Get two of your favorite cookies and a scoop of ice cream, and you’ve got your own ice cream sandwich!

Dairy Queen/Orange Julius, 3710 Peach St.- Peanut butter and jelly, Romeo and Juliet, Dairy Queen and Orange Julius. This amazing combination was found in malls across the country and finally made its way to all Dairy Queens. Ice cream, Dilly Bar, or smoothie, you can find whatever you want on Peach Street or at Millcreek Mall.

Gannon University – There are lots of options for a sweet treat right here at Gannon as well. The cafeteria has a rotating selection of eight flavors and lots of treats to mix-in. Knight’s Cove just got a new milkshake machine, which blends the flavor of your choice in just one minute, and The Knight Club just added ice cream to the menu as well.

Wherever you scream for ice cream, just make sure you brush after!