Hey everyone!


In this new segment of my blog, I will be focusing on different organizations that give back to the community. In my last post, I talked about the benefit of planting trees, which is very important, especially with the fires in Australia right now. In this blog, I want to bring light to an organization that focuses on childhood cancer. This week’s organization is Love Your Melon.


Love Your Melon sells warm winter hats, where 50% of profits go toward childhood cancer research. This organization works on “giving a hat to every child battling cancer and supporting the fight against pediatric cancer.” So far, 7,186,239 dollars have been donated to support the Love Your Melon Fund and other nonprofits that the organization supports. They have also given 191,425 beanies to children around the country with cancer.


Why is this important? In today’s society, we are always looking for ways to give back to the community or the environment. By purchasing a LYM hat, not only are you going to look awesome during the cold winter months, you will be supporting a child with cancer. As a college student in Erie, I am always looking for a new winter hat! By purchasing a LYM hat, not only do I get a warm hat, I support the thousands of children with cancer today!



For more information, go to loveyourmelon.com