After a very good night’s sleep back at Casa Blanca, we started our day off with two simple maintenance projects for the mission: painting both a fence, and the protector at Casa. While painting, a few of us learned a really good lesson regarding sunscreen application!

During our second project, we split into groups, one helping to make lunch, and the other finishing up painting. Our home cooked lunch consisted of cajun chicken, rice, a wide variety of vegetables, melon, and green mango. So good!

Following lunch, the group had a few hours of free time which gave opportunity for more exploration and/or relaxation. Many of us spent time enjoying the warm weather outside of Casa Blanca, either in hammocks underneath la palapa, or out enjoying the bright sunshine. Others walked around Mérida to Estación Café, a local coffee shop, and some walked a short distance from Casa to Helados Santos for some yummy gelato— both refreshing treats for such a beautiful day!

Around 5 o’clock, the group headed next door to La Delicia for a formal dinner with the administrative team of the mission. We spent the remainder of our day doing A LOT of dancing, eating delicious food, and just simply enjoying the heartfelt company and presence of each other.

Hasta mañana!

We wrapped the night up with reflection back at Casa, where we each talked about our days and reflected on the four pillars of community, service, reflection, and simplicity. Yet another wonderful day.

By: Dayonna Swanson