Monday was a great day for our group! 

We spent the day learning about the various programs of the Mission of Friendship. In the morning, we visited the daycare and played with the kids. There were lots of bubbles and we even tried hopscotch! We learned that the daycare serves families who cannot afford regular child care. This program is operated only from donations. 

We then got to visit the medical dispensary, and hear about the work of the local doctor. Thanks to the efforts of the spring break group, we were able to donate several bottles of prenatal and children’s vitamins! Kiara helped prepare us for this visit with a morning reflection based on the healthcare system in Mexico.

We enjoyed lunch with members of the mission staff at the Nueva Vida girls after school program. When the girls arrived, we played games and taught each other dances. We even learned a new game and competitively ate marshmallows from a string without our hands! 

We rounded out our day with dinner at a local Italian restaurant. We were joined by our incredible guide, José, the mission’s director, Azucena, and her family, and their good friend, Liz.