Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my blog! In this post, I will be talking about an organization that means a lot to me. This organization is MudLove. MudLove is an organization that sells bracelets, necklaces, and mugs. With each item purchased, MudLove will provide a week of clean water to a less-fortunate country.


I love this organization because it can count as a simple reminder. For example, I have a Fear Not bracelet and I wore it whenever I was stressed or if I needed to be reminded that everything was going to be okay. This past Christmas, I bought my roommates and my close friends MudLove bracelets. I chose a different word for each person; a word that I think that described them or something that they needed to hear. Some of the words that I chose were Loyal, Loved, Explore, Create, Patience, and Be Still. Each word has a different meaning.


This organization can benefit students because the bracelets are perfect gifts for your loved ones. As it was already stated, each item purchased provides a week of clean water. How great is it to help someone else, just by buying a bracelet?


For more information, or to purchase: www.mudlove.com