I never realized how many things I wanted to do before I started traveling. I thought so many doors were closed, and I had just accepted that they would never happen. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef? Sure (sarcasm inserted). Reenact the music video for Strut from Cheetah Girls 2? Only in my middle school dreams. But when I started to travel, doors swung open. Of course, I can see where Nemo lives. Why not visit Park Guell and sing off-key to my childhood dream? When I realized that nothing was actually stopping me from doing these activities, I got so overwhelmed. I wanted to do everything and there is a lot of everything to do. I decided to start writing them all down, my own travel bucket list. There is one continues list, that stretches from two hours away from my house all the way to India and around the world again just in case I forgot something. For the sake of this blog, I broke up the list into continents and chose the top five for each. Some of them are crazy and might not be likely and others are super touristy but are mandatory.

North America

  • Climb a mountain in Colorado
  • Visit New York City in the winter
  • Ski in Vancouver
  • Watch the northern lights in Alaska
  • Go cave diving in Mexico

South America

  • Dive in the Galapagos
  • Make the trek to Machu Picchu
  • Float in the Marble Caves of Chile
  • Ride a llama in Peru
  • Walk the streets of Kleurrijk, Bolivia


  • Visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam
  • Quietly reenact scenes from the Hunchback of Notre Dame while visiting Notre Dame in France
  • Experience a Holocaust memorial in Germany or Poland
  • Go to a Christmas Market in Prague
  • Visit the ruins of Delphi in Greece


  • Go to Victoria Falls
  • Swim with penguins in South Africa
  • Do a photoshoot in Bo Kaap, Cape Town
  • Visit the huts on Muizenberg Beach
  • Swim with sharks


  • Celebrate Diwali in India
  • Ride a Tuk Tuk in Thailand
  • Try durian- the grossest smelling fruit
  • Play with elephants (honestly does not matter the country)
  • Teach English for two years in an Asian country


I’ve already crossed out a few of my bucket list items for Australia so this one won’t have as many touristy ones.

  • Sleep under the stars in the outback
  • Sky Dive in Cairns
  • Bungee jump over the rainforest
  • Travel New Zealand in a van
  • Visit Steve Irwin’s Zoo



There is only one under this and it is just to go there.