Hello again! We are coming at you with a sad post as it’s our last day here on the farm before we start our travel back to Phoenix and then Erie.

For our last day of service in the Navajo Nation, we finished a roofing project from Wednesday. Then, we got to visit Coal Mine Canyon, a beautiful place of historic and cultural relevance to the Diné (Navajo) people. On our way back to the farm, we visited many landmarks. First, we visited Alien Rock, an area with many mysteriously placed rock formations. Second, we took a tour of a local site with many dinosaur footprints and fossils. And finally, we visited Newspaper Rock, a landmark with petroglyphs depicting writing through engraved symbols.

Then, we learned about different parts of Navajo culture and practice including dancing and baking Navajo cake. We enjoyed a great meal for dinner and discussed around a campfire before saying our final goodbyes to Lawrence and the farm. It has been an incredible experience learning about the Navajo culture and tradition. One last day in AZ before we fly out.

xoxo, Navajo