Hello again!! Today was day two in the Navajo Nation. We woke up bright and early and packed our first trail lunches as a group, then set forth for the Grand Canyon. As we were driving, we stopped at the Little Colorado River Gorge and got a taste of what the Grand Canyon was going to look like, as well as learning some awesome bits of culture from a local vendor and our Amizade guides! When we finally got to the Grand Canyon, it was astonishing! We could not believe that something could be that breathtaking. After taking lots of pictures, we started hiking along the Bright Angel Trail, which took us into the canyon a bit.

Every step we took, we saw something new and it made us appreciate Mother Earth so much more. When it was time to leave, we headed to the Cameron Trading Post for dinner and had some authentic food such as Navajo Tacos with its infamous fry bread. It was tasty! Then, we did a group reflection back in the hotel and are now getting ready for bed, thinking about tomorrow’s service project!

xoxo, Navajo