Hi everyone! Coming to you live from Tuba City, AZ after another amazing day.

Today we started out with our usual breakfast spot and headed back to the church to make our bagged lunches for the day. We had a great opportunity to meet a priest from the local Catholic Church who kindly offered to give us who desired ashes. The priest took time to speak about the religions that are more dominant in Navajo culture while also teaching us about the land and the relationship of Navajo’s to the surrounding tribes.

We started our service today at the same house we worked in yesterday. Half the group worked on a roofing project while the other half did some landscaping and organizing of donated materials for a nonprofit organization. We ate our lunch and snacked on some ice cream before finishing up our projects at the house.

Next we headed back to the ranch where we have spent so much time this week. We all love being there so much! First, we were able to hear a presentation by one of our lovely community partners Vanessa about the Navajo “coming of age” tradition where girls become women called the Kinaaldà. We even got to participate it in ourselves. Then we were served a lovely dinner by one of our hosts. After dinner and conversation, some of the group participated in another beautiful hike to see the sunset while some others had an encounter with some farm animals.

We finished the night with some deep conversations around the fire with two of our partners which became the highlight to everyone’s day. Another great day in the books and we’re looking forward to another beautiful day!

xoxo, Navajo