We started today with a visit to one of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen’s (CSK) other outreaches, On The Rise Bakery Cafe https://www.cskdetroit.org/bakery/. The breakfast was incredible – from the breakfast sandwiches to the cinnamon buns. We’re already planning our return visit before we leave town!

We traveled the short distance to the CSK’s Earthworks Urban Farm where we will be serving the rest of the week. During our orientation, we learned about the history, programs, and vision of the CSK. Wendy the interim program manager and volunteer coordinator gave us a great tour of the gardens and we learned about their plans for renovations. The executive director Brother Gary joined us to tell us about the origins of CSK. We meet the garden manager Tyler- who is also a puzzle master and had all of use transfixed with puzzles and riddles and ‘never tells.’ 

After our orientation and tour, we took an excursion to Belle Isle and enjoy the sun and tour the grounds. They were setting up for the Detroit Grand Prix but there was plenty to explore. Anna and Skyler did some geocaching on the isle. Skyler also made sustainable dinner casserole made up of mostly leftover ingredients. It was yummy!

For our evening, we attended a night of storytelling with Gareth Higgins, Gareth is an Irish storyteller, activist, and creative convenor whose book, How Not to Be Afraid https://www.hownottobeafraid.com

explores seven common fears, inviting us to change the course of our stories through seven habits of hope and action for the common good. His stories had us laughing, thought-provoking, and touching. He left us with 4 questions to consider: 

1. What’s bringing you life? 2. What’s draining you or standing in the way of you being more fully you? 3. Vocation- what’s yours to do in this world- what are you being called to be? and 4. Connection with others- what do you need and what can you offer others? 

Our team really enjoys being together and has shared a lot of laughs!