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Finding inspiration in New York City by April Shernisky (9/5/12)

Prepping for my (awkward?) junior year by Keefer Kopco (9/12/12)

Renewed focus on faith for the new school year by Shawn Hogue (9/21/12)

My summer in Connecticut, acting at “The O’Neill” by Natalie Pertz (9/24/12)

State of Mind: Commuting from Tennessee to Erie by Conor Grey (9/13/12)

Being busy is a welcome change by Sarah Sgro (9/15/12)

Chasing the sun (and a ’90s band quote) by Jake Slease (9/19/12)

Changing my major, studying my mind by Matt Kridel (9/26/12)

My life is more interesting in pictures by Allison Kessler (9/27/12)



@ GU: September starts fall fun at Gannon by Allison Kessler (9/11/12)

Gannon’s GIVE Day in 60 seconds by Allison Kessler (9/18/12)

Tales from Edge: I work here by Keefer Kopco (9/25/12)



7 ways to conquer homesickness by Erika Krenn (9/3/12)

Introducing: Photo of the Week by Matt Kridel (9/4/12)

Q is for Quest by April Shernisky (9/6/12)

5 things to know about studying history at Gannon by April Shernisky (9/6/12)

AfterThoughts: 9/7/12 by Edge Staff (9/7/12)

Photo of the Week: Sanitas, Scientia, Sanctitas by Edge Staff (9/10/12)

Lights, camera, work study for Natalie Pertz by Allison Kessler (9/10/12)

Destination: Success by Gannon Magazine (9/11/12)

R is for “Resurrection” by April Shernisky (9/13/12)

AfterThoughts: 9/14/12 by Edge Staff (9/14/12)

Unicorns, chocolate cake and C.S. Lewis with Dr. Conklin by Jake Slease (9/16/12)

Photo of the Week: A piece of GU history by Edge Staff (9/17/12)

Taking an active approach to mental health by Matt Kridel (9/17/12)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… frozen yogurt? by Matt Kridel (9/20/12)

S is for Schuster by April Shernisky (9/20/12)

Photo of the Week: The sands of Presque Isle by Edge Staff (9/25/12)

5 Things we saw on GIVE Day by Sarah Sgro (9/26/12)

T is for Totem by April Shernisky (9/27/12)

AfterThoughts: 9/28/12 by Edge Staff (9/28/12)

Chandra Wittmack shows GU pride by Jake Slease (9/30/12)


News from the web:

Gannon football stuns Lake Erie by (9/1/12)

Governor’s Awards to bring distinguished artists to Erie by Abby Badach (9/8/12)

Faculty member interviewed by Japanese television by Gannon University Staff (9/9/12)

Gannon to ‘TreeVitalize’ Erie during GIVE Day by Gannon University Staff (9/15/12)

Independent film comes to Erie by Erie Reader (9/19/12)

Submissions now being accepted for high school poetry contests by Gannon University Staff (9/28/12)

DPT students help with Club Fit program by Gannon Magazine Staff (9/29/12)