We met at the arch at 2:00 a.m., where we got a blessing from Father Kesicki before heading off to Buffalo airport.  We flew from Buffalo to Dallas, and while in Dallas we experienced a 17-minute layover due to the small amounts of snow in Buffalo.  Finally, aboard the plane in Dallas heading to Tucson, Arizona, the group was exhausted and hungry but stayed positive.  At last, the group landed in Tucson ready to find food and settle down into the Airbnb.  We searched for something good to eat and landed on Native Grill & Wings, where we all found good food and the large rivalry basketball game between the University of Arizona and Arizona State University.  We watched the thrilling game-changing half-court shot that launched Arizona State University into victory, and the restaurant erupted with a mix of emotions.  Before checking into our Airbnb, we split up to do some necessary grocery shopping, since we will be cooking some of our meals as a group.  The grocery store that we found, had a lot of Hispanic foods and treats.  We got to the Airbnb and changed before we all headed off to mass at St. Augustine Cathedral.  We were given a warm welcome by the priest and congregation and were given a blessing from the priest for our trip and the service we will be doing.  Ending the night with some pizza, reflection, and getting to know everyone a bit better.  By 9 pm everyone in the Airbnb was all tucked into bed and getting ready for the next day.  

The next day, we all awoke bright and early ready for the day ahead of us.  Despite all of us being energized and ready for the day Tucson had other plans and it rained all morning, forcing us to change some of our plans.  Everyone wanted to try something new, so we collectively decided to drive through Dutch Bros, which was a 10/10 for everyone.  We did not allow the rain to deter us from still exploring and making the best of the day, even in slight rain we toured the beautiful University of Arizona.  Finally, the rain let up and we met up with a Gannon grad to show us around a bit of Tucson.  He led us to a beautiful overlook of the desert and the mountains, where we all took so many photos.  After seeing the overlook, we went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum which was amazing to see all the cacti and various animals that we do not have in Pennsylvania.  A group favorite at the museum was the stingray tank where we all were able to touch the stingrays and even see them be fed.  After our long day at the museum, we were able to meet up with two more Gannon grads to share a dinner with.  Coming back home after a long day, we did our reflections and then rested before all of our adventures tomorrow.  Be sure to check in tomorrow!

By: Molly Begeman and Ella Rasper