social-workAside from the community service events I talked about in my last blog, another way to have fun at Gannon is exploring Erie. I’ve discovered a few places where some may enjoy spending their time when they are bored or procrastinating.

A walk through the Erie Art Museum could be a relaxing getaway. It’s located at 411 State St. – it’s easy to get to from campus. The museum is open 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 1-5 p.m. Sunday. The usual fee for students is $3 – not a bad deal, but admission is free on Wednesdays! It’s close to campus and it’s cheap; why not head over on those long breaks between classes?

A quick snack stop at Dollar General off on the corner State and Eighth streets is perfect after a day of classes or a break between. Personally, I’ve found the little ice cream sandwich cooler to have tasty snacks for only a buck, such as chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches, push-up pops and the cartoon character heads with gumballs as the eyes. After a day of stressful classes, it’s nice to be reminded of the neighborhood ice cream truck from childhood by these yummy treats!

Done with classes? Maybe it’s the weekend? Comic book fan? Try catching the EMTA bus to Books Galore, located on upper Peach Street past the Millcreek Mall. The first Saturday of every month is free comic book day! You can’t miss it; the giant Spider-man cut-out is a clear give away – I love it! Since the bus ride is free with your Gannon ID, the first Saturday of every month could become your favorite without spending a cent! Take either the M2 or M3 bus line and try it out.

If you’ve tried all the above suggestions, or even want to find fun things to do on your own, you can just take the bus around Erie and explore at your own free will! Here’s the different routes and times to get you started. Have a blast! 🙂

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