Edge Staff, Tom Barton

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: theatre & communication arts
  • First memory of Gannon: Karaoke at the Knight Club
  • Favorite place on campus: Anywhere with food.
  • Currently binge watching: Rooster Teeth Videos
  • Pet peeve: When people leave a door open behind them. >:/
  • Guilty pleasure: Disney Movies and/or Hockey games.
  • Interests: Sports and Theater. Weird Mix, I know
  • What TV character are you? Leanord (Big Bang)
  • Who (or what) is your archenemy? Philadelphia People (no offense)
  • What is in your purse/backpack right now? Lots of papers, mostly school work.
  • What was the greatest moment of your life? Throwing out first pitch at PNC Park
  • T-Swift, T-Pain or Ice-T? *sigh* T-Swift I guess

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