Still debating your choice for SGA President and Chief of Staff? Last week’s debate brought up a number of issues each candidate was very passionate about, but if you weren’t able to attend, we’ve got the breakdown (plus full video of the debate for your perusal).

Edge Magazine’s Aaron Mook and Adam Miller followed the action, live-tweeting the debate to help you make your decision (plus, if you don’t already, now is a really great time to follow us on Twitter @GannonEdge). Who will lead your student government association this year? Will it be presidential candidate Amanda Granata along with her chief of staff Caitlin Klien, or presidential candidate James Gruss with chief of staff Michael Haas. Here’s how the night went down (and feel free to click the #SGADebate hashtag to see what others are saying about the election and debate):

@GannonEdge: Welcome to the 2016 SGA Debate.

James Gruss: “I believe SGA succeeds in some ways and fails in others. And that’s a shame.”

James Gruss: “I believe SGA in the past has sort of lost its purpose, gotten lost in the fog. I want to give it that purpose.”

James Gruss: We need to give [SGA] a purpose and communicate that purpose to our student body effectively.”

Amanda Granata: “We need to ask the students what they want and give them a voice.”

Amanda Granata: “Our campaign this year focuses on student unity, student interaction and diversity on campus.”

James Gruss: “I’m focus on what I believe to be the deeper issues, and that is our communication model.”

James Gruss: “The beauty of student government is that we’re not getting paid. You have to give [the students] an initiative.”

Amanda Granata: “The three things students most commonly take issue with are study space, academics and food service.”

James Gruss: To hit on three things quickly: student input, club facilitation, and communication with the SGA.

James Gruss: “We need to talk about the student experience as a learning tool…the workforce experience they are getting comes from clubs.”

Amanda Granata: “Communication is key in innovation and finding your own student experience on campus.”

Caitlin Klein:”I feel like I am very good at being organized and telling people what they need to do and when they need to do it.

Michael Haas: “Leading teams is kind of my thing…creating synergy on a team is what I love to do.”

Michael Haas: “James and I have a left brain/right brain thing going on as an engineering guy and a theater guy.”

Caitlin Klein: “I thought SGA was a place for student voices, and now I think it’s deeper than that.”

Michael Haas: “I think the important question is what comes after that…approaching the students in traditional and non-traditional ways.”

Michael Haas: “That’s the job of SGA…to listen and then turn that into action.”

Caitlin Klein: “[Students] should be able to come to me and tell me what they need to get done so we can help them get it done.”

Amanda Granata: “If I need to push other things to the side, I will make that happen…[SGA] is a priority.”

James Gruss: “There come times where the students feel they must challenge the administration…[we are] not afraid of that.”

James Gruss: “Still, the administration does try to keep our best interests in mind….I’m going to tell it like it is.”

Amanda Granata: “It’s important [students] know that how you feel is impacting not only yourself but other students as well.”

Michael Haas: “That’s what our campaign is focused on…reaching out to those who haven’t been reached out to yet.”

Amanda Granata: “My greatest strength is trying to keep a positive mind. A weakness that I have…is listening and understanding.

Caitlin Klein:”We plan to get clubs and organizations more involved in SGA by planning to involve ourselves in their events more.”

Michael Haas: “The more SGA can do to facilitate [students’] interests, the more we can also be involved in those interests.”

Michael Haas: “Let’s get more lights in the streets, let’s get more information out to the students.”

James Gruss: “We want to make SGA what it can be…my greatest weakness is being a procrastinator….Michael is a self-starter.”

Amanda Granata: “We want to take interest in what the students want and need and make that priority on Gannon’s campus.”

Watch the full debate here:

Don’t forget, voting closes Wednesday, February 24th at midnight – and your vote counts! Visit the voting page on Engage U to vote, now!


EDITOR’S NOTE: Michael Haas, a candidate for S.G.A. Chief of Staff, is editor-in-chief of Edge. As a candidate, he is not involved in our coverage of S.G.A.