Over the next few weeks, Gannon Edge will be partnering with Gannon’s Sport and Exercise Science/Athletic Training program to bring you “A Day in the Life of an SES/MAT Major!” We will be taking the time to sit down and talk with students in the program to get a better idea of what their life is like! I chose to interview a good friend of mine and teammate, Brenna Schuler! I cannot wait to share her story with you over the next few weeks!


Name: Brenna Schuler

Hometown: McMurray, Pennsylvania

Year: Senior/4th Year

Major: Athletic Training

Sport: Acrobatics and Tumbling

Position: Top/Tumbler

Hobbies: hanging out with friends, traveling, working out, and enjoying the sun

Why I chose MAT: I chose MAT because as an athlete I have been injured many times, even to the point of a potential career ending injury. If it weren’t for my athletic trainers and physical therapists I would not be where I am today. I love sports and being surrounded by them because that’s all I’ve known growing up, I cannot think of a day where athletics was not a large part of my life. Between being inspired and grateful for the people who helped me as an athlete and my passion for sports, I knew athletic training was the career for me.



Tune in next week to follow her story!