What study techniques are efficient for you can depend upon the type of person you are. I know I prefer to be alone when studying, solely based on the fact that I obtain 10x more information when I am alone and focused. Often, I tend to feel distracted when working with others and lose my train of focus. Although, there will be occasional times when studying with some of the nursing students can really help me get a better understanding if I am feeling confused with a topic or two. 

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Here are a few study techniques that I would suggest for the Nursing students here at Gannon that I have learned along the way:

  1. Using Flashcards or Quizlet for Medical Terminology. You are going to need to learn multiple terms that I am sure you will feel unfamiliar with, which is completely normal. I had to learn numerous amounts of terms that I had no idea existed. Using flashcards or Quizlet for every terminology is what got me to understand them much faster. If you are handwriting or typing out these terms and definitions, this technique allows you to get even more familiar with these words before you start to study them. 
  2. Group Study Sessions. Now, I know I said before that I tend to not do study groups, but it is essential when you are studying for your competency test days. Competency testing is when you sit in front of your professors and demonstrate the things you practice in your health assessment classes. It may seem scary at first, which is why I suggest you go over it a few times and practice the techniques on your peers or families if you are from Erie. This type of studying is essential when preparing for your competency tests and really helps you to keep your basic nursing skills in your brain for longer than you will know. 
  3. Mark up the Nursing Books Given to You. The nursing books that will be given to you in these next couple semesters are extremely important study tools. If you need to highlight, sticky note, or even write on them for you to collect information from them, DO IT. These books are exactly what the nursing professors here at Gannon use for your exams and quizzes each week. Make sure to read them and mark them up to collect as much information as possible out of them as you can. These books are there to help us nursing students, not to make us nervous. Although, at times it can seem overwhelming to read these books every week, this study technique will help you tremendously in your future years. 

If you are a future nurse here at Gannon and you are reading this post, USE THESE STUDY TECHNIQUES. These three techniques will improve your chances of success as a nursing student at Gannon. Good luck to you all! 

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