Sundays are easily the most relaxing days in my opinion. They are the days which give you the opportunity to unwind and prepare for the upcoming week. Depending on how my week ahead looks, I always like to have a good routine that I dwell into each Sunday!



The first thing I love doing is turning on my oil diffuser and listening to a podcast while I have my morning coffee. This helps me to get the motivation I need for accomplishing each of the tasks I have for the day. Making my bed is also a task I like to get done first thing because it makes me feel accomplished and is the first step to cleaning my room.




   Cleaning is something I find myself doing very often now that I have my own apartment. It relaxes me and definitely motivates me to get more done. I usually begin with cleaning my room and then gradually move into my bathroom and kitchen. I also like to get my laundry done which includes my sheets and any clothes I need for the week! In between laundry, I like to vacuum and sweep each room to make for a neater setting.





  Going through my planner and having a clear and concise idea of what I need to do for the week helps keep me organized. I enjoy writing out each of my assignments with a timeframe of when I want to get them done. I then update my calendar and make a weekly to-do list including my plans with friends, grocery shopping and also workouts.



– Those are some different ways that I like to prep for my week ahead and keep myself on track. Let me know what your Sunday routine consists of, I’d love to know!