The Challenges of Playing a Comic Role in a Shakespearean Play

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One thing I never understood about theater is why everyone wants to play the beautiful romantic lead.  For some reason or another, I never had any interest in playing those characters. I always found them to be incredibly boring. Ever since elementary school, I’ve always taken an interest in the character roles — especially the […]

My summer in Connecticut, acting at "The O'Neill"

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This summer I had the opportunity to study at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center – often referred to as “The O’Neill” – in Waterford, Conn. I was first introduced to the O’Neill through my acting mentor and academic advisor, Paula Barrett, when I expressed an interest in finding a substantial theatre program for the following […]

All About Dr. Steve Ropski

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If you ask almost anyone on campus, “Who’s Dr. Ropski?,” they’ll probably be able to tell you he’s a well-loved, zany professor who has a passion for the environment and for Gannon students. However, while a lot of students know how successful Dr. Steve Ropski is in biological research, they might not know all of […]