RUNDOWN: Selfies, St. Patrick’s Day and Sign Language

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Monday, March 16: Today is No Selfies Day! Try to go a full day without sending any selfie Snapchats or posts on Instagram. It might be a challenge, but you can do it. Tuesday, March 17: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Be sure to sport some green and be safe! Wednesday, March 18: It’s nearly impossible to […]

Half the journey, twice the possibilities

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Halfway is a weird place to be. You’re closer neither to the start nor the finish. You’ll spend as much time going back as you will if you move forward. You have as much experience as you do possibilities. Come May 5, I’ll be at the halfway point of my college career. All the above […]

Sci-Guy Discovers Silence Amongst Science

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Most first days of class begin the same: You walk in, do introductions, review the syllabus, maybe get an assignment and then everyone leaves. So it was for all of my classes, except for one. When I entered this particular class I noticed a sign on the door that said, “Come in, but do not […]

VIDEO: Gannon’s ASL Students Listen with Their Eyes

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Gannon offers two American Sign Language (ASL) courses, each worth three credits. In the first course, students learn 300 to 500 signs. They also learn about ASL culture. The second course offers an advanced vocabulary of signs, detailed ASL grammar, advanced culture and major emphasis on expressive signing. Check out the 30 second demo below, […]