A New [School] Year & Self-Care

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As the new school year sets in, we begin to experience the  typical cocktail of excitement, nervousness, & sometimes anxiety that comes along with the start of a new year. Whether you are a first-time college student or a second-year graduate student like myself, it’s important to take time to practice self-care. Please feel free […]

The Psychology of Overthinking in College

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As an anxious person experiencing the stresses of college, I have a tendency to overthink everything. I always seem to be in panic mode and fear that everything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong. Then whenever something goes right, I have a tendency to over-analyze everything and try to figure out what should […]

Don’t panic!

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As of last night, I have had exactly two panic attacks in my life. The first one displayed the normal symptoms: shortness of breath, a racing heart and feeling faint. Yesterday’s attack was much more serious. I woke up with this overwhelming sense of dread that failed to leave my stomach for the rest of […]