From floppy disks to bleeding-edge technology

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A decade before there was such a thing as a “blog,” I attended Gannon as an undergraduate science major. In the late 1980s, I spent many hours in labs doing things such as classifying and dissecting sea creatures for Dr. Stan Zagorski’s invertebrate zoology class. I also spent many hours in the office of the […]

Alumni Focus: Larry Gioia, Class of 2004

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This article by Joe Cuneo appeared in the Gannon Magazine, Summer 2012 issue. No matter when you graduated, there are certain things alumni from every generation can relate to: hanging out in the cafeteria, enjoying Erie winters, celebrating Mass. Something alumnus Larry Gioia ’04 and his father, Carmen Gioia ’77, have in common, however, is a bit more […]

Technology to Theology: More Ways to Use Your Gannon Degree

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Stephen R. Hooper, AAP, CTP ’77 Mathematics My mentor before, during and after my time at Gannon was the late James Freeman, professor of mathematics. His guidance and steadying influence made the difference between success and failure at a crucial time in my life, and with Freeman’s encouragement, I obtained my master’s degree in mathematics […]