The Bling (Ear) Ring

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It happens to everyone; we wake up in the morning and trudge off to our bathroom, only to be underwhelmed by our reflection in the mirror. For weeks I had been doing the same routine of looking in my mirror and being bored with what I saw staring back at me. I had been rocking […]

Moving on up to the top

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Why are changes so hard to deal with? Just think, has there ever been a time in your life where the thought of doing something you have never done before frightened you? It could also be exciting. But why do we have all the emotion? Change happens all the time, so why do we treat […]

Old friends, new friends, fun friends, blue friends

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With winter rolling in, I can feel that the semester is almost over, which is equally exciting and frightening. OK, it’s certainly more exciting. But on a serious note, I am faced with the reality that I will return home for Christmas break to all of my high school friends and acquaintances from what seems […]

Setting goals reduces stress

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November brings a lot of changes to campus. It could be anything – the weather, the general atmosphere of campus, or even a change in friends, opinions or goals. Change is a part of life and is necessary for us to grow as individuals. We learn more and change the way we think about certain […]