Click Thru GU: Hammermill Center

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Also known as The Mill, Hammermill Center is the University’s gymnasium that can hold screaming crowds of up to 3,000 people. Stop by to see the Gannon Knight basketball teams, watch Greek Week activities or participate in Meet the Merchants Day. Learning how to navigate Gannon? Check out our other Click Thru GU posts.

Click Thru GU: Zurn Science Center

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If your major relates to science or engineering at all, you will become quite familiar with the Zurn Science Center. The Dean of the College of Engineering and Business has an office here. Zurn is home to the International Student Office, several auditoriums and labs specialized for the sciences. Want to know more about Zurn […]

Click Thru GU: Walker Building

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Communications-inclined students (whether they’re comm majors or not), tend to find a second home in the first level of the Walker Building. Here, you’ll find the office for our on-campus newspaper, The Gannon Knight, as well as the 90.5 WERG FM radio studio. The upper levels house apartments for upperclassmen. Interested in 90.5 WERG FM? […]

Click Thru GU: Student Services

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The Student Services Building houses offices that excel in resolving student issues. Whether you’re looking for help adjusting to college at the Office of New Student Services, or seeking roommate mediation in the Office of Student Living, the staff here is more than happy to help you out. PREVIOUS: Schuster Theatre > Want to learn […]

Click Thru GU: Schuster Theatre

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The Schuster Theatre in Scottino Hall is the location of GU’s theatrical performances (Get the scoop on the upcoming 2011-2012 season). That’s also where you can find the offices of professors in the theatre, communication and fine arts department. PREVIOUS: New Residence Hall > Want to learn more about the Schuster? Check out our other […]

Click Thru GU: New Residence Hall

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The yet-to-be-named new residence hall will open for the first time in August 2011. This suite-style living will house both freshmen and upperclassmen. Construction crews are putting the finishing touches on the building, which will definitely be ready in time for move-in day. PREVIOUS: Old Main > Are you an incoming freshman that is getting […]

Click Thru GU: Old Main

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This is a place that most students don’t visit on a regular basis (though work studies in Old Main would beg to differ). Though you may not frequent this historic building, it’s still good to know that this is where the president, provost, vice president of finance and the offices of University Advancement can be […]

Click Thru GU: Palumbo Academic Center

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Humanities majors come to know Palumbo, the home of the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, quite well. In addition to these classrooms and offices, there’s also the Honors Center, the Student Success Center, Information Technology Services, InterMetzo Cafe and the Gannon Bookstore. PREVIOUS: Freshman Residence Halls > Be sure to check out our […]

Click Thru GU: Freshman Residence Halls

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Wehrle Hall, one of the on-campus residence halls that houses freshmen, is located right across the street from the Nash Library. Finegan Hall, another freshman residence hall, is just a block away. Both halls include free laundry, vending machines and lounges. Coming this fall, some freshmen and upperclassmen will live in the new residence being […]

Click Thru GU: Nash Library

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Whether you’re just stopping by the Cyber Cafe to print a paper or you want a change of scenery to study by yourself or in a group study room, you can do that in the library. Don’t forget, of course, the extensive book and DVD collection available to you for free. PREVIOUS: Morosky Academic Center […]