Transferring to Gannon

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I transferred to Gannon University last semester in the middle of my junior year of college. Previously, I was attending Point Park University in Pittsburgh where I was double majoring in Public Relations and Advertising and Mass Communications. Transferring colleges is a very scary thing to do, especially so late in the game. Leaving my […]

5 ways to beat boredom

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People always tell you about the craziness that is your first month of college. What they don’t mention is the possibility of being bored out of your mind. Sure, the weekends are fun, but what about Monday through Friday? You might find yourself lying in bed wishing you had something to do before or after […]

Promoting a new club about promotions

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Advertising is everywhere. From the commercials you see on TV, to billboards on the side of the road, there’s not really much space that isn’t devoted to ads. Advertising is a part of life, whether you’re referencing it in a professional or personal sense. Because of this, having basic knowledge of advertising and promotions could […]

Gannon wants to EngaGeU

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With as many clubs and organizations as there are on campus, it can be a pain keeping track of them. And if you’re not on campus, it can be hard to know what is going on. Well, not anymore. The Student Organizations and Leadership Development (SOLD) office is doing a little spring cleaning and has […]

A Welcome, an Invitation and a Byte to Chew On

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Welcome back to campus, Gannon students! Also welcome to all the new first-year students. I’m sure that you’re getting yourself settled into your new life on campus. I moved into a new apartment this semester and I really love it here. Even though I know I am going to be busy again, I enjoy having […]

How to Start Your Own Club in 10 Days

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Right now, the word “sold” probably jogs a memory of the last garage sale a parent had where they “accidentally” gave away a prized childhood possession to the bargain hunter willing to bid the highest amount – which was most likely mere pocket change. Once you hit Gannon’s campus, though, the word rapidly changes into […]