A Introvert’s Midterm Report

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We’re past the midway point of the semester. While I enjoy my much needed week long vacation, I must reflect on the progress I have made so far this semester and look forward to where I will go in the second half of this semester. In my previous entries, I looked at my experiences doing […]

Top 10 of 2016

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2017 is only hours away, time to take a look at the year that was – and the top ten Edge Magazine posts of 2016! 10. Gannon Goes to Cedar Point! Gannon goes to Cedar Point!   9. Embracing Emotional Wellness at Gannon University Embracing Emotional Wellness at Gannon University   8. The Psychology of […]

Writer’s Block: I Am Not Funny

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I am not a funny person. Well, I guess that depends on who you ask. Plenty of people laugh at (but not with) me. I’m sure if you asked my mom, she’d say I was funny. But as a general rule, I just don’t think I have what it takes to be the class clown. […]


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  Stand-up comedy looks simple enough when you watch it: you throw together a few jokes, you repeat them on stage, and people laugh.  Most people think that they’re funny, even genuinely comedic. However, once you try material out on an actual audience for the first time, you start to realize that you signed up for […]

Laughs for a cause

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Love to laugh? Want to support a good cause? You’re in luck! Hilarity for Charity – a movement led by comedian Seth Rogen to inspire change and raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease among the millennial generation – has hit Gannon. Who: Everyone’s invited. What: The night will feature stand-up comedy routines by students and faculty. […]

Stand-up doesn’t let down

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It was a steamy 92 degrees in the car on the way down to Burgettstown, Pa., last Saturday. Our windows were rolled down to desperately catch some air, as the A/C unit in Crotty’s car was broken. Our unofficial fourth roommate had won us all tickets to Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy Festival – a […]