VIDEO: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth w/ “A Knight in the Kitchen”

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Craving something sweet and super easy to make? Check out the latest episode of β€œA Knight in the Kitchen,” where Nicole Dohoda, Erin Bogda and Jess Charlton create some mouth-watering whoopie pies. Whether you call them Oreos, black-and-whites, or gobs, they are absolutely awesome. Don’t forget to vote for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave!

VIDEO: Must-Have Apple Fritters!

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In this episode of “A Knight in the Kitchen,” Jess Charlton and Lisa Lamperski are cooking up a warm treat for a cold day: apple fritters. Watch this video to get the recipe. Warning: this video may cause serious cravings. Get other great recipes from “A Knight in the Kitchen!”

VIDEO: Thrilling and Chilling Recipes from GU

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Okay, so it’s January, but we’re flashing back to October as we share the fifth episode of “A Knight in the Kitchen.” Kyle and Q are cooking up some Halloween specialties that’ll make your mouth water and your skin crawl!