Ultimate Fave 2014: Sweet Sixteen revealed — VOTE NOW!

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The 32 original nominations have been narrowed down to the Sweet Sixteen in the quest for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014. Vote now to determine which faves make it to the Elite Eight. Favorite Place to Eat Knight’s Cove 47% Knight Club 53% Eliminated in the last round: Doc’s Landing, Courtyard Cafe Molly Brannigans 56% Chipotle […]

The nominations are in! Let the voting begin for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014!

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UPDATE: Round 1 voting has closed! See the winners below! The nominations are in and it’s time to start voting for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014! Through online nominations and write-in nominations at the Waldron Campus Center, Gannon students have nominated 32 locations in the quest to determine Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2014. The winner from each of […]

Ultimate Fave 2013: Sweet Sixteen faves go head to head

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The field has been narrowed to sixteen spots vying for the title of Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2013. Vote for your favorite places and determine who advances to the Elite Eight, which will be posted next Monday. Favorite Places to Eat [VOTING HAS CLOSED] Eliminated in the last round: Beyer Cafeteria, Courtyard Cafe [VOTING HAS CLOSED] Eliminated in […]

Ultimate Fave 2013: Let the voting begin!

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It’s time to cast your votes in Edge’s annual Ultimate Fave tournament. We start with 32 places nominated by you, our readers, online and on-campus. Round 1 will continue through the end of GU’s Spring Break on Friday, March 8, and Round 2 voting will start on Monday, March 11. View the complete bracket here […]

Ultimate Fave 2012: Vote for the Final Four Faves!

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The field narrows to the Elite Eight in Edge’s search for Gannon’s Ultimate Fave 2012. See which places are still standing and which faves were eliminated in round two — and cast your vote to determine which four faves advance to the finals.

Ultimate Fave 2012: Get your vote on!

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The battle is on for the title of Gannon”s Ultimate Fave 2012. The first round of voting is underway and continues through Monday, March 12. We’ve paired up the 32 places with the most nominations submitted by Edge readers. The winner from each match-up will advance to the next round until only one place remains. […]

1,000 Words: Breaking Free

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Whatever’s stressing you out – just take a deep breath and jump in 🙂 This photo was snapped during a trip to Dobbins Landing with friends. Gannon students – have a photo you’d like to share in our 1000 words series? E-mail us at edge@gannon.edu.– -Photo by Lindsey Kurtz

Erie History Mystery: Who is Daniel Dobbins?

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Erie is heaven for history buffs. Lighthouses, railways, Victorian mansions and even a naval brig from the War of 1812 serve as reminders of Erie days gone by. People in the area encounter names from Erie’s rich history every day — often without realizing the significant contributions of the namesakes. We at Edge — inquisitive […]

J-School Cool: Snapped: Trading in My Pen for a Camera

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I purchased a one-year Erie Art Museum membership this summer when I signed up for their Advanced Digital Photography class. The class, taught by prolific Erie photographer Art Becker, was a total blast. It mostly consisted of our group going out on location (Dobbins Landing, Presque Isle) to shoot while we received individualized instruction about […]