Dramashop’s second mainstage show opens

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Good things come in threes: the Trinity, the Stooges and the cast of “Copenhagen.” Named for its setting in Denmark’s capital, this drama explores the very conversation that converted atomic power to a war force. The spare cast is certainly a challenge for the actors. Each character has roughly 45 minutes of lines to memorize, […]

Dramashop: Theater in process

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This excerpt was from an article by former Edge contributor Alex Bieler, ’11, originally published in the Erie Reader on Apr. 1, 2013. It’s a chilly Tuesday night, one of those unsurprising Erie evenings when the weather doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with the average person’s wishes. Luckily, I’m indoors, where the room is warm and the […]

10itus: The Music of Fringe Fest 2013 (and beyond)

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In the month of March, conventional and unconventional spaces alike, from the Schuster Theatre and its scene shop to Zurn 104, are transformed into theaters for the Fringe Fest. We asked directors and actors of the shows what songs they thought best exemplified their productions: Cristen Manion, writer, “Dancing With the Moon”: “Me and the Moon” by […]

7 ways Erie preps for the holidays

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Although this “great lake” town is known for its summers, its winter months are not given enough hype. Just as any community-based city would, Erie gets ready for the holiday season two months early. These seven basic attributions color the city during the holidays: 1. Lights. Beyond the decorations lining the streets of downtown Erie, […]

@GU: January events kick off the year

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Welcome to a new semester! January is here and classes resume on Monday, January 9th. – On Wednesday, January 11th, be sure to check out the Gannon Knights and Lady Knights basketball teams as they take on the Edinboro University Fighting Scots. The ladies play at 5:30 p.m. in the Hammermill Center followed by a […]