REDACTED: Analog Productivity

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For years, I’ve struggled with time management. I’ve always wanted to do more, put more on my plate and couldn’t seem to find a system to manage all of those details that kept falling through the cracks. This, obviously, leads to severe stress. How can anyone focus on relaxing during a break if you have […]

My life as a Roman Emperor

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In this week’s edition of REDACTED, I talk about a time I was (read as: performed as) a Roman Emperor and the real-life application of Laban movement in everyday life! Acting has a lot of basis in real life, and application in a variety of industries. And yes, this photo is of me as Tiberius: […]

Edge Radio – Fringe Fest Erie 2015

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For the second installment of Edge Radio, I went to the office of Jax Kubiak (technical director of the Schuster Theatre and producer of Fringe Fest Erie) to talk about the exciting month of theatre ahead for our community. Go to for more information!