Final Advising Day leads me to reflect

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One of the most inevitable aspects of college is that it will be challenging. Balancing the workload and time outside of class can be enough to knock you off your feet. Advising Day here at Gannon never fails to do the same. Each semester, Gannon sets aside one day right before registration opens where classes […]

Renewed focus on faith for the new school year

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Welcome back! The start of the new school year is always filled with anxious excitement for me. I am motivated to start my new classes, and I love seeing friends on a regular basis again. I also look forward to making new friends and the many opportunities that God has in store for the next […]

Prep for college, have faith in 'you'

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As the name of my blog may suggest, one of the topics I like to discuss is faith. While I normally like to place an importance on faith in terms of religion, I’d like to take a step back from that and talk about another kind of faith– faith in yourself. It was at this […]

Ready, Set, Summer

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Finals are over, the studying has stopped – unless of course you’re taking the MCAT over the summer like I am – and vacation plans are in the making. It is one of the exciting moments of college life where you get to enjoy a few relatively stress-free months before firing up and starting all […]

Gannon A to Z: I is for Ichthi

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Ichthi is not only the Greek word for fish, but the name of Gannon’s Catholic faith-sharing group. Members meet Thursday nights in the upper lounge of Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel to discuss everything from theological questions (Does prayer work? How?) to moral issues (the death penalty) to personal matters (romantic relationships). They also participate […]

College life tests students' faith

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College is stressful enough in terms of academics without worrying about maintaining a faith-centered life. For many students who practice a faith, college is the first test of whether or not they really want to worship. You no longer have your parents forcing you to wake up and go to a service, and the extra […]

[VIDEO] Fr. Jason Glover talks faith, reason, dogs and God

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Father Jason Glover is a theology instructor at Gannon University. He’s also known for traversing the campus with a four-legged friend named Drake. Find out more in this video from Edge. [youtube_sc url=””] Meet other Gannon faculty, staff and students who believe in the possibilities.

Merry Christmas from Edge and Gannon University!

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Edge and Gannon University! Here’s a Christmas message from Fr. George Strohmeyer, Gannon’s vice president for mission & ministry. Tis the season! Check out other Edge posts about Christmas.

[NEW BLOG] Faithfully: Living, Learning, Growing in Faith

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College is one of the most exciting, yet challenging parts of a person’s life. Choosing where to go is a complicated decision. What friends you meet, the quality of your education and the opportunities you could have are all based on what school you decide to attend. We at Edge acknowledge this and strive to […]

Fr. Shawn Clerkin: Praying for Understanding on 9/11

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I didn’t know anyone in the planes or in the towers. I didn’t lose a brother or sister, uncle or aunt, friend or acquaintance. But I knew that after this day, my life, the lives of all of us, would be forever changed. On campus, there was a pall, a dread that defied the sunny, […]