Field Trips at Field Work

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Every education major at Gannon has to do field placements where they go into a classroom at a nearby school to observe teachers, interact with students and learn more about the field of education. Usually, field placements are tied in with education classes. This semester, I am taking Concepts of Natural Science, which is a […]

Teaching with interruptions

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It all begins with a plan. I had a lesson coming up the next day, and I planned one I was absolutely proud of. I incorporated a technique I saw in a video I was just dying to try, and found a way to include puppets in another. If I’d thought of a great lesson, […]

10 Signs You Should Change Your Major

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In college, you have many important life changing decisions to make. One of the scariest decisions is answering the nerve-wracking question, “what on Earth am I going to do for the rest of my life?” Attempting to find an answer, you choose a major hoping it will become your life passion and also pay the […]