Memories Move Day 2022

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It was an amazing semester with smiles, new friends, and challenges. These are some memories of Move-In Day 2022, a day full of happiness, friendship, and dreams for the future – looking forward to a new year together! #GannonFamily

Gannon Moves 2022

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Hello Road Trippers! Gannon Moves 2022 has ended, congratulations! 41 teams (four from Ruskin, 37 from Erie) spent six weeks traveling the distance between our two campuses; we traveled more than 30,000 miles! Congratulations to the Gannon Moves team winner, The Shufflers: they covered 1,420 miles in four weeks.  What did we learn more about […]

Pre-Occupied: Long distance friendships

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Throughout your college career, you will encounter people that will help you in your transition to adulthood. These are the people you will basically spend your entire daily life with; they’re the ones you call when you got that job interview, they’re a shoulder to lean on when you get dumped. They’ll support you at […]