Guest Blog: Sarah Maguire, Environmental Science Student Project Spotlight

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Triclosan is a dangerous product to both humans and animals that live in our ecosystems. This chemical is often labeled as the ultimate cleaner, or something that gets rid of all germs. However this so called “clean all” molecule has many dangerous effects. Triclosan can be absorbed through our skin during its use in many […]

Guest Blog: Learning to be a Student Again

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The date was January 6th, 2014: the coldest day in the history of all-time, at least as I recall it. With a wind chill of something near minus 40 degrees, I eagerly arrived on Gannon’s campus for my first day of work. As the new Associate Director of Learning Abroad, I was excited to begin […]

Breaking vegan edge

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See, I’m not quite sure how to sum up a year of my life in 500 words. I stopped eating meat at the beginning of 2013 – cold turkey. (Pun completely intended.) I was told that there was no way I could do it; I ate too much chicken. So I proved that person wrong, […]

Spring break service: Descanso de primavera de servicio en El Salvador

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The semester is just flying by. Gannon students are back from spring break and (hopefully) refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the second half of the term. Some students went home to spend time with family and friends, some went on a well-deserved vacation and other students, like me, went on a different kind of adventure. […]

GUEST BLOG: Snorkeling in the Sun For College Credits

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Shernelle James is a sophomore biology/pre-dental major from St. Croix, Virgin Islands. She works in Gannon’s Admissions Office as a friendly KnightCaller (you may even get a call from her some time checking in about your college search). Shernelle recently took a trip to the beautiful Bahamas on a Gannon alternative spring break trip and took […]

GUEST BLOG: College To-Do List w/ Phil Zimmerly ’05

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Phil Zimmerly is originally from DuBois, Pa. where he attended DuBois Central Catholic. After graduating from Gannon with an English degree in 2005, he studied at the University of Alabama School of Law. Currently, Phil is a law clerk to United States District Court Chief Judge Yvette Kane. Just about to start your college career? […]