What’s the cure for homesickness? (Hint: It isn’t going home.)

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Homesickness can hit pretty hard during your first year of college. You’re used to living in a familiar setting with your friends and family, then you get dropped into a new place where you don’t know as many people and you have to live a little more independently. I definitely felt homesick my first semester […]

State of Mind: Commuting from Tennessee to Erie

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Introducing Edge’s newest blog, “State of Mind” by Conor Grey, class of 2014. Originally from Smyrna, Tennessee, Conor will be blogging about what it’s like to be attending college far from home. The beginning of the year is always an entertaining time for me. This entertainment is largely derived from the king of all icebreaker […]

7 ways to conquer homesickness

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The first few weeks of college are always tough. Getting used to being away from home and living on campus can be difficult, especially if you’re not local to Erie. Here’s a few suggestions to help you get over homesickness and enjoy your time on campus. 1. Use Skype. Skype is a free video chat […]