International Night: Decadent Food and Jaw-Dropping Talent

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Under one moon, Gannon University students and faculty, as well as Erie residents came together under Gannon University’s Hammermill center to celebrate unity with International Night. Wall to wall tables contained food from around the world with international talent to accompany. International night had my stomach filled with amazing food I had never even tried, […]

We’re All Under the Same Moon: International Night 2018

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Saturday, April 7th marks Gannon University’s annual International Night, fashioning the theme “Under the Same Moon.” Coming up this weekend… International Night – Under The Same Moon MORE: — Edge (@GannonEdge) April 5, 2018 Just 238,900 miles away from Earth orbits this bright and round rocky mass. This natural satellite hovers above us, […]

From Brazil to Erie: Meet Bruno Müller

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“Gannon has certainly grown to feel like a home away from home.” Name: Bruno Colombo Müller Class Year: Senior Major: Sport and Exercise Science Interests: Sports – Soccer (Playing with plenty of intercultural students at the Recreation and Wellness Center) Favorite Place on Campus: Recreation and Wellness Center Q: When did you move here? A: […]

Crossing cultures at Islamic Night

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Without divulging any current beliefs, I was raised a Lutheran in the small town of Waterford, Pa. (about 30 minutes away from campus). It’s safe to say I did not grow up with a strong sense of other cultures, be they foreign or simply of a different religious background. However, this did not lead to […]