Surviving Lent: Getting over the loss of (chocolate, soda, naps etc.)

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The Catholic observance of the Lenten season is one marked by the themes of sacrifice and absolution for sins. Those who actively practice Catholicism tend to mark their commitment to this 40-day period by giving up something or adding some sort of service activity to their daily lives. This extra challenge helps students focus on […]

Shrimp pasta recipe (for the Lenten season)

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Lent is a time of sacrifice for Catholics in preparation of Easter. As an act of penance, most Catholics refrain from eating meat every Friday during Lent. If you’re used to eating meat, abstaining from your carnivore habits during this time might be difficult. You might get stuck in a bland grilled cheese and tomato […]

Lenten donations add up

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Gannon University’s chapter of Catholic Relief Service ambassadors is one of the nearly 13,000  across the United States that participate in the annual Rice Bowl each Lent. The Rice Bowl is used to collect donations that will be given to help the hungry and serves as a reminder to assist those who are struggling across […]