How to Get Your Politics On

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Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders. Those are the three names that have been drilled into our minds for the past few months. With less than a year until the presidential elections, the heat is on for the candidates to round up as many followers as possible. As a fellow Millennial, I pose one simple […]

Upfront: the redress of grievances

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One of the fundamental entitlements guaranteed to Americans in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights is the right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The success of our democracy relies on an informed electorate not only voting, but also communicating with our elected leaders to ensure that they, as our […]

Microsoft to Mayor: More Ways to Use Your Gannon Degree

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Dennis J. Donohue ’80M Religious Education I began my business career in Silicon Valley with Atari, at the time the fastest-growing company in the world. I also worked in sales for Microsoft and Verbatim before returning to my hometown of Salinas, Calif., in the late 1980s. In agribusiness since 1988, I worked for River Ranch, […]