Tips for Housing Selection

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Just when you’re starting to get comfortable with your living situation, housing selection time creeps up on you. You’ve barely got a handle on all the things going on this semester and now you have to start thinking about the next one. Housing selection comes with lots of questions, but luckily, I’m here to help […]

Residence Life offers roommate advice

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Living with a roommate can be a rewarding and enlightening experience. But when music blares past midnight and dishes pile up in the sink, the claws come out. Like all aspects of college, it is not without its challenges and solutions. Conor Grey, a senior pre-med major, is familiar with the more common problems that […]

Return to home initially “less than nostalgic”

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I’ve been home for awhile now. In that time, I’ve been working as a waitress, hanging out with friends from home and even took a trip to NYC – but a lot happened before any of that. As I was leaving campus, I said goodbye to classmates, packed up my room and about six boxes […]

What I learned from watching "Friends"

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And the word is: cohabiting. It’s no secret that living with another person is hard. Ask newlyweds or siblings or cloistered monks, and they’ll have a lot to say. Ask college students, and they’ll have even more.

Calling All Freshmen: Enter Edge’s “GU Cribs” Contest!

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Now that our freshman class has had a chance to settle in and customize their living spaces, we’re hosting a contest to find the best freshman room on campus. Freshman residents of Wehrle, Finegan and North Hall can enter by emailing a photo of their bedroom to by Friday, September 30, 2011. And it’s […]