Edge Radio – Fringe Fest Erie 2015

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For the second installment of Edge Radio, I went to the office of Jax Kubiak (technical director of the Schuster Theatre and producer of Fringe Fest Erie) to talk about the exciting month of theatre ahead for our community. Go to www.gannon.edu/schustertheatre for more information!

Fringe Fest Erie: 5 things you might not know

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Fringe Fest comes back to Erie February 2 and runs through February 24. To get you pumped for a month full of theatre, we’ve got 5 things you might not know about Fringe Fest Erie. This is the 5th annual Fringe Fest. There are eight Gannon productions that are performed, written or directed by Gannon students, […]

Graphic material: A digital design student portfolio

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One of the classes I took last semester was Digital Graphics. The class was taught by MC Gensheimer and was basically an introduction to Photoshop. The class may have ended, but I haven’t quit practicing. I’ve become rather fond of photo manipulation and graphics work. Though I’m still far from the 10,000 hours it takes […]

AfterThoughts: Food, phones and Fringe

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Here’s what the editors are thinking at the end of their first week back from spring break: Tyler Babcock, editor-in-chief: My iPhone 4S is sitting at FedEx. I’m stuck in the office. Sad panda.

1,000 Words: Best seat in the house

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As “The Cherry Orchard” closes, seven more shows are about to open. The theater department is continuing a miniature replica of the International Scotland Fringe Festival – at which we in the department were privileged to perform last August – called the Schuster Fringe Festival. Fringe was created during World War II to bring the […]