College life tests students' faith

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College is stressful enough in terms of academics without worrying about maintaining a faith-centered life. For many students who practice a faith, college is the first test of whether or not they really want to worship. You no longer have your parents forcing you to wake up and go to a service, and the extra […]

Explore your faith, no matter what you believe

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One of the first things that I wondered when deciding to come to a Catholic university was, “What will I have to do?” So I figured that would be a good place to start my blog series. As a private, Catholic university, there are certain requirements at Gannon that may not exist at a public […]

Top Posts of 2011: Editors’ Picks

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Yesterday, we ran down a list of the ten most popular Edge posts of 2011. Now, it’s our editors’ turn. Check out each editor’s picks for the top posts (and runners-up) of 2011. Did your favorites make the list?

5 Things To Know About Occupational Therapy

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Does a career in the medical field excite you, but the idea of going to school for a long period of time scare you off? Then Gannon’s occupational therapy program may be for you. Here are 5 quick facts to get you started: 1. At Gannon, you can get a Master’s degree in occupational therapy […]

[NEW BLOG] Faithfully: Living, Learning, Growing in Faith

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College is one of the most exciting, yet challenging parts of a person’s life. Choosing where to go is a complicated decision. What friends you meet, the quality of your education and the opportunities you could have are all based on what school you decide to attend. We at Edge acknowledge this and strive to […]

Prep U for GU: Student Success Guide

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For many students, one of the biggest challenges of going to college is the transition from a high school class load to the demands of college classes. Everything from how to study to whether or not to buy, rent, keep or sell back textbooks can create a stressful situation if you’re uninformed on the ins […]

Luck o’ the Irish? Students Talk Superstitions

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In honor of today’s holiday and the “luck o’ the Irish,” we decided to ask a few Gannon students what they do for luck and if they believe in superstitions. Cristen Manion, freshman theatre & communication arts major: “I do believe in superstitions – most of them are theatre related. I was […]

Delta Sigma Phi Brothers Make Spring Break Plans

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With spring break coming up in about a week, many students have begun making plans for a relaxing week away from classes and homework. The brothers of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity shared their plans with us. Shawn Hogue, sophomore biology/pre-med major “I am planning on spending my spring break with my family. I always […]