I Looked Up Chase Rice So You Don’t Have to

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As everyone knows by this point, the musician coming to Gannon University to perform is Chase Rice. If you’re like me, the announcement elicited a “Huh? Who?” response. While many (if not most) Gannon students probably heard that name and knew exactly who he was, for the benefit of myself and others like me I decided […]

Starting a club in 3 easy steps

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We’ve all been there– lounging about with friends in our residence hall, chatting about our hobbies, when suddenly someone pipes up, “Man, why doesn’t Gannon have a _____ club?” Typically, that is when others chime in with exclamations of, “Yeah! That’d be so awesome!” but then the subject is immediately dropped. Students typically believe that […]

GOLD Conference at Gannon University

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“Being a leader means being a role model, a goal setter, a manager and even sometimes, a mother.” “Leaders must take team members’ opinions into consideration, and encourage them to be the best they can be.” “There is no better way to grow than to gain experience leading others to group unity and achievement.” These […]

Gannon wants to EngaGeU

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With as many clubs and organizations as there are on campus, it can be a pain keeping track of them. And if you’re not on campus, it can be hard to know what is going on. Well, not anymore. The Student Organizations and Leadership Development (SOLD) office is doing a little spring cleaning and has […]