5 Ways to remotivate

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Coming back to school after winter break can seem like the worst thing in the world. You were just getting used to sleeping in and being lazy when the time to return to campus finally arrived. But coming back to campus and to class doesn’t have to be painful! Here are a few ways to […]

Breaking vegan edge

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See, I’m not quite sure how to sum up a year of my life in 500 words. I stopped eating meat at the beginning of 2013 – cold turkey. (Pun completely intended.) I was told that there was no way I could do it; I ate too much chicken. So I proved that person wrong, […]

Stepping on stage (and out of my comfort zone)

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With the commencement of a new year and semester, I formed a set of goals and resolutions in hopes to improve myself.  Some of the objectives were small: Make sure to call my mom once a week. Some were larger: Begin exercising again. One of the more interesting resolutions consisted of a personal challenge: Do […]

Filling my blank slate

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Tabula Rasa In Latin, tabula rasa literally translates to “blank slate,” referring to wax tablets used by ancestors to take note or record information. When needed, these tablets would be heated and reformed so that the wax was completely clear of all former impressions.  In philosophy, it refers to the theory that the mind is […]

David’s Break Plans: Skype, Skyrim and Snow Gear

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Wow, is it really the end of the semester already? I’ve had my fair share of long days and weeks, but time has flown. I’ve had my nose in my books for the entire semester only to look up and find it’s Christmas break. And I have never been happier! Okay, that’s an overstatement, but […]