Seniors look back at the last four years

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As graduation approaches, seniors are reflecting on their time at Gannon. With countless experiences and memories behind them, we wanted to know, “What is one thing that Gannon has given you?” Shane Braendel, business management major: Manhood – I have definitely grown up in these four years. I became a man.

Spring break service: Descanso de primavera de servicio en El Salvador

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The semester is just flying by. Gannon students are back from spring break and (hopefully) refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for the second half of the term. Some students went home to spend time with family and friends, some went on a well-deserved vacation and other students, like me, went on a different kind of adventure. […]

For Social Work Students, Christmas Starts with Service

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It’s official… the Christmas season is definitely here.  There are Christmas decorations everywhere, twice as many people in the mall as usual and nothing but Christmas carols on most radio stations.  With Christmas parties all over  and the end of the fall semester behind us, it seems that everyone is getting into the “Christmas spirit.”  […]